Monday, June 1, 2009

WiiFest 2009

The sixth grade patrol reward was a WiiFest held on Thursday, May 21, at St. Anne's School. Students brought in their games and had four Wii stations set up in the room. They had a bowling tournament and a car racing tournament while also playing tennis, golf, and pool (among others). There were lots of snacks to keep everyone's energy level up for the games. One of the highlights of the day was receiving T-shirts with the St. Anne's WiiFest logo on. It was a fantastic day!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Last Preschool Program!

May 21 2009

Tonight we went to our last preschool program. It was a weird feeling. I just love these programs. The kids are so fun to watch. Always doing something to make parents blush. They are so innocent and excited. There are 2 sections of preschoolers. Morning and afternoon. Zachary is in the morning class. His teacher is Dawn Guetter and Grandparent helper is Donna Zollner. He loves them both!
Zachary requested his dress shorts and shirt, found a belt, and did his hair up so nice. It was cement after using mom's "good" hairspray. We ended up washing his hair again because I didn't want him to look goofy. I was very tempted to leave it, because he did it and he was so proud. He did a great job at his performance! He was quite the little man!!

May 22 2009

Today Zachary and I enjoyed the morning at cousin Lori's house in Seaforth. We played with her daycare children and a couple of Zach's classmates. We checked out her puppies and chickens. We had a great time visiting and playing.

We then came home and ate lunch, then off to the athletic field in Wabasso for "play day." All afternoon of playing different games and challenges. It was fun to see the kids from both schools play and have fun.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Music From A to Z

St. Anne's had their spring concert called music from A to Z. Yes they had a song for every starting with every letter of the alphabet. It was fun. Even the teachers had a song to sing. The kids didn't know and were very excited.

Andrew also was the song leader at the children's mass in the morning. He did such a great job. Jeff and I are always amazed how the kids at St. Anne's are always getting up in front of people and don't hardly look nervous. It is things they are always doing. It sure helps when they get to high school and beyond.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers Day

The boys woke me early all excited to show me something. "Mom" "Mom" "Mom" we have to show you something. We want you to listen to something. I was sleeping so good and sound that I popped up thinking it was something major. They wanted me to listen to a song they had sang and recorded on my phone. The song, 'I've been watching you". I don't know the name for sure but the one about "daddy I've been watching you, I'm your buck r u, I want to be like you" You got it now.... they all sang it and were so proud. After it was done I realized I was up for the day. No way to say "thanks, but I'm going back to bed" so I was up. No church to go to, nothing. Reservations at noon at the Brau Haus. So I visited with the boys. I received a great phone call from my sister Heather. It is always a delight to hear her voice.
We had a nice lunch, met Gr & Gr Turbes, came back to the house and watched "Without a Paddle". That is always a fun movie. The boys laughed so hard through the whole thing. Luckily, Michael didn't get half of it and Zach was in and out. Jeff and I love to watch Andrew's face now as he is growing up more and more.

Saturday May 9th

We enjoyed a beautiful day at home. Some cleaning got done and then Jeff and the boys spent most of the morning outside. Cut down some more dead trees in the grove and placed them on the fire that is still smoldering since last weekend. No need to worry, it has been under dirt all week. I was paying some bills and doing some paperwork. Uggg. Jeff and the boys made a wonderful lunch on the grill. Steaks and shrimp! We have not eaten so good for a long time! The kids inhaled all their lunch. We just need to feed them good I guess! We then went for a bike ride together, as Zach has been asking for a few days. Jeff had all our bikes ready to go, Yea Jeff! I realized how dirty my bike has gotten and remembered back to all the summers (before cars, kids, jobs,phones) I spent shining my bike up. We would have "bike washes." Dad was always "anal" over clean cars and I always had a clean bike!
After the bike ride, Jeff got the kids cleaned up and they headed into town to pick up flowers for me and Gr Linda. After making a stop to her house, they headed back to the farm and off to church we went. Jeff and I were in charge of the Catholic Aid Associations "Take mom out for desert and coffee" after church. We got the coffee started, and deserts cut and on plates. The kids got to go up to church before us and sit with Gr & Gr Turbes. Jeff and I got up there right before it started and sat 2 pews behind them. We thoroughly enjoyed watching out well behaved children sit with their grandparents all through mass. Zach went out to children's liturgy like a big boy and Michael refused as usual. After mass we all enjoyed homemade deserts, coffee and juice. Visited with the locals and had a really enjoyable day. When it was all done, we came home, got on PJ's and watched some of our favorite show's on "PVR." Gotta love it! Soon it was off to bed.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Words from Andrew

Andrew came up to me tonight and said, "well, I found out who likes me." Another girl asked him to answer 1 question for her and she would for him. Her question was, "do you still think I'm weird?" "Yes" he says. His question was something about someone liking him. And she told him the name of the girl who likes him, but she doesn't know he knows. Oh it is starting......
Just now he came up to me and told me that they have someone acting like a bully today in their class. I wanted to know who but he said he can't tell. Of course moms will get the name out one way or another. So of course I did and here it turns out that this kid is turning some other kids to think this girl is weird. All because she wore a bandana on her head today. It was dress up day, spirit week at school. Dress in the decades and she dressed as a hippie. Man kids can be cruel sometimes. Of course I get a tear in my eye just hearing about it. I do that everytime I think of kids getting teased or made fun of. Of course I tell Andrew to tell this kid to knock it off. Of course the kid saying this shit didn't dress up! Man I hate that crap! I'm glad we didn't have to put up with much of that over the last 7 years. The kids are counting down the days till school is out! May 29th!! Yikes!